Welcome to the world famous driving academy

In front of you, the track is free. Behind, the engine roars.
On the right trajectory, you mount the reports and aim for the rope point, impressed by the grip and responsiveness of one of the most exciting sports cars ever designed.

Here at the Lotus Driving Academy, the most important input is you, the driver. That's why all of our driving programs have been designed to have you work one-to-one with a Lotus Driving Coach. Our team of instructors will help you learn how to get the most out of a car, to become a better daily driver and of course - have fun.

Only at Lotus Driving Academy Houston will you develop high-performance skills in a premier selection of Lotus Exige 360 Cup cars in a way you never thought possible.
Everything put into Lotus vehicles we learned at the track. Now you can share this experience too.

World-renowned for the quality and excellence of instruction, the Lotus Driving Academy is a true driving school, born to answer all those who wish to learn, progress and develop their driving skills while maximizing driving pleasure.

The Lotus Driving Academy Houston meets the rigorous standards demanded by the manufacturer, with whom it maintains close ties, in order to apply the instruction that has made it a success throughout the world.

Our team of experienced and carefully selected instructors will guide you through progressive pedagogy and an individual approach utilizing the theory of technique, followed by practical exercises to understand the dynamics of the car and the influence of the pilot on their behavior.

If you think today's road is too bland, come visit to get behind the wheel of a Lotus and quench your thirst for thrills!

Our goal:

"To offer you the opportunity to improve your driving capabilities step by step with a structured, progressive, practical and theoretical training, adaptable to everyday driving and without equal in the market of automobile training courses."

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